Testimony: Jackson's Kids Shocked and In Tears

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In the second half of day two of the Michael Jackson death trial, Faheem Muhammad, head of Michael Jackson's security detail, took the stand and described the tragic moments when a lifeless Jackson was discovered: "Paris was on the ground, balled-up, crying, and Prince had a real shocked, slowly crying kind of look on his face."

The jury was presented with a stirring photograph of the bedroom scene. Muhammad said that when he entered the room, he asked Dr. Conrad Murray how Jackson was doing, and Murray replied, "It's not looking good." He appeared to be sweaty and administering CPR. Muhammad reported that Jackson's eyes were open and his mouth was slightly open. He confirmed that Jackson looked dead.

After the initial shock of seeing Jackson, whom he said appeared to be dead, Muhammad said he gathered Jackson's children and nanny and got them into "a more secure location" so they couldn't see what was going on. Muhammad also testified that Murray had asked if anyone knew CPR, and the prosecutor had him confirm details of Jackson's personal assistant's testimony, saying that Murray wanted to retrieve some "cream" from Jackson's house.

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Earlier in the day, Jackson's personal assistant Michael Williams testified that he received an urgent call from Murray just after noon on June 25, 2009, telling him that Jackson had a "bad reaction" -- but he was never instructed to call 911. He also testified that after Jackson was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center, Murray asked that someone be sent back to the house to retrieve some "cream" that Jackson "wouldn't want the world to know about." The cream in question, according to the prosecution, is arguably propofol.

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Conrad Murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter, with the prosecution arguing that he gave Jackson a lethal dose of the powerful sedative propofol. The defense will argue that Jackson was a drug addict who self-medicated himself.