Jackson Trial: Chaos and a Condom Catheter

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Jackson Trial: Chaos and a Condom Catheter

Day three of the Michael Jackson death trial, with Dr. Conrad Murray facing involuntary manslaughter charges: In the morning session, Jackson's director of logistics, Alberto Alvarez, took the stand and testified about the chaotic moments trying to revive the lifeless King of Pop.

Alvarez testified that Murray said to him, "Alberto, hurry, we have to get him to a hospital, we have to get him to an ambulance!" Of Jackson's children, Alvarez said, "Prince and Paris came behind me. … Paris screamed out, 'Daddy!' … Dr. Conrad Murray said, 'Don't let them see their dad like this!" I proceeded to turn around [and] ushered them out."

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A 911 call was played for the jury, made by Alvarez, requesting an ambulance "as soon as possible" and saying that Jackson had stopped breathing and "he's not responding to CPR."

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Alvarez confirmed that Dr. Murray asked if anyone knew CPR, then assisted Murray by giving chest compressions to Jackson while Murray was giving mouth-to-mouth. He said that after a few breaths, Murray declared, "This is the first time I do mouth to mouth, but I have to, he's my friend."

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Alvarez also testified that he saw a bottle of propofol in an IV bag in Jackson's bedroom, witnessed Murray pulling the IV from Jackson's leg, and he helped Murray collect a handful of vials in a grocery bag: "In my experience, I believe that Dr. Murray had the best intentions for Mr. Jackson," he said. "I thought we were packing to get ready to go to the hospital."

Alvarez also reported seeing Jackson wearing what is known as a condom catheter, saying, "I recall seeing a plastic bag or some sort of medical device on his penis."

Alvarez said that he declined extremely lucrative offers to tell his story, and grew emotional on the stand when asked how Jackson's death has affected his life: "It's caused a lot of financial problems," he said. "I really don't have steady work. I went from a great salary to hardly anything."

Dr. Conrad Murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter, with the prosecution arguing that he gave Jackson a lethal dose of the powerful sedative propofol. The defense will argue that Jackson was a drug addict who self-medicated himself.

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