RECAP: Day 3 of the Conrad Murray Trial


ET special legal correspondent Robin Sax has more details on the newest bombshells in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Our legal expert blogged from inside the courtroom, citing the emotional testimony of Michael Jackson's head of security, Alberto Alvarez, as the highlight of the day.

Robin also speculated on a possible answer to one of the biggest mysteries of the case - why won't Jackson's former dermatologist, Arnie Klein, testify?

"My guess is that Arnie Klein did not refuse [to give Jackson propofol]," said Robin. "And if he were to testify that he did not refuse, he would be subjecting himself to criminal liability."

Click the video for Robin's entire recap of day three in the Conrad Murray trial. And keep checking back here and on our Facebook page for more up-to-the-minute details on the trail.