Personal Chef: Jackson's Children Were Screaming

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Personal Chef: Jackson's Children Were Screaming

In the afternoon session of day three in the Michael Jackson death trial, Jackson's personal chef, Kai Chase, took the stand.

She detailed Jackson's everyday eating habits, saying, "[Healthy eating] was important to him and his children." Dr. Conrad Murray would normally pick up juice each late morning to give to Jackson, but this time, on June 25, 2009, Chase says he came downstairs "in a panic … his energy was very nervous and frantic and he was shouting, 'Get help, get security, get Prince."

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"I started seeing staff members, housekeepers crying," she recalled. "The children were crying and screaming. We started hugging, and we held hands, and we started praying. The energy in the house did not feel good." Shortly after, she and the housekeepers were asked to leave by security. "My heart is still broken. It was a very devastating day to me," said Chase.

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Earlier in the day, Jackson's bodyguard, Alberto Alvarez, testified to the chaos of the Jackson death scene and fielded questions from the prosecution, who posited that Murray stopped performing CPR on Jackson and used Alvarez to help cover up evidence from the bedroom – specifically IV bags and a handful of vials.

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Dr. Conrad Murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter, with the prosecution arguing that he gave Jackson a lethal dose of the powerful sedative propofol. The defense will argue that Jackson was a drug addict who self-medicated himself.

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