Judge Releases 'Inflammatory' Casey Anthony Video


Judge Belvin Perry has decided to release the 2008 video of Casey Anthony's reaction to news reports that her daughter's remains had been found near Casey’s parents’ Orlando home.

The 15-minute video was taken inside the Orange County Jail in Florida in December 2008. Anthony's attorney Jose Baez has said the video should be kept private, because it was taken when his client was receiving treatment. According to the court file, the Orange County Jail and the State Attorney's Office are not opposed to the video's release.

Formerly sealed from the public, officials said the video shows Anthony rocking and hunched over while watching breaking news coverage of the discovery. After a few minutes, law enforcement officers talk to Anthony and take her to another room. According to CNN, the video is a security video with no sound, taken in a "waiting area of the medical facility" at a county jail. In 2009, Judge Stan Strickland sealed the tape because he found the contents to be too inflammatory and felt this could negatively affect Anthony’s right to a fair trial.

In July, a jury acquitted Anthony of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. The ruling is the latest setback for Anthony. Last week, Judge Perry ordered her to pay $217,000 to authorities for costs related to investigating Caylee's disappearance, according to CNN.com.

Anthony’s specific whereabouts are unknown and she is currently serving one year of probation in a check fraud case.