Dad: Amanda Knox Is Coping 'A Day at a Time'


Amanda Knox's father said his daughter has spent her first days back in the U.S. reconnecting with family and friends after spending four years in an Italian prison.

"She's actually doing a lot better than I had anticipated," Curt Knox told ABC's Good Morning America on Thursday. "She seems to almost look like she hasn't missed a beat with the family and that's been really great to see." He said Amanda has especially enjoyed spending time with twin cousins who were just one year old when she was first jailed.

Curt said Amanda first realized the huge amount of media attention surrounding her case when she emerged to the throng of reporters assembled for a press conference after she arrived back in her hometown of Seattle. He also said that while he does have concerns that his daughter might face future issues stemming from her traumatic experiences, she is presently "taking it a day at a time."

Watch the video to hear Curt also explain how the prison experience resulted in Amanda practically adopting Italian as her first language.