Carre Otis Opens up About Mickey Rourke 'Abuse'


Supermodel Carré Otis is coming out with a new memoir titled Beauty, Disrupted, where she candidly writes about everything from her past drug use and an eating disorder to her notoriously volatile relationship with ex-husband Mickey Rourke.

According to Otis, it was something like love at first sight between the two when they met during her audition for the 1990 film Wild Orchid.

"I think that that initial meeting was an immediate familiarity," she tells correspondent Christina McLarty. "It was sort of recognition of somebody who I knew there was an incredible charge with, and energy between. So in a way it was that 'dangerous at first sight' ...and now I think, I know better -- those are the red flags."

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She also sets the record straight about the nature of their relationship, though she never pressed charges against her ex-husband.

"There was abuse, and there was enough of abuse to call it abuse," says Otis, who recalls being accidentally shot by Rourke as a traumatic event for the both of them. "My story is the same as so many women's stories ... what made it different for me was that I was married to a celebrity."

ET reached out to Mickey Rourke and his representatives for comments, but none were received as of press time.

Check out the video to hear Otis speak more about her reportedly toxic relationship with the Academy Award nominee, including an incident in Miami where Rourke allegedly put a gun to her head.

Otis's new memoir is out October 11.

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