Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song are Engaged

Getty Images

Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song are taking their relationship to the next level as Miley Cyrus' older brother has announced his engagement to the actress.

Earlier today, the Ashland HIGH frontman took to Twitter to spread the joyful news. "I am very excited to say, last week I asked my girlfriend Brenda Song to marry me and she said YES! We are both very excited to be engaged!"

Being the well wisher that she is, Miley chimed in her support on the popular social media platform as well. "@TraceCyrus can't wait for Brenda to be a Cyrus :) couldn't be more excited about my "sister in law to be" yay :)"

The Social Network actress and the former Metro Station band member have been seeing each other since Spring 2010 and are reportedly expecting their first child.