Doctor: Murray 'A Direct Cause of Jackson's Death'

Getty Images

Day 3 of the prosecution's questioning of Dr. Steven Shafer in the Michael Jackson death trial concluded this afternoon after Shafer fully presented a number of possible scenarios for Michael Jackson's overdose.

According to the Associated Press, Shafer stated that Michael Jackson was so heavily drugged in the hours before his death that he would not have been able to self-administer the massive dose of propofol that killed him.

"People don't just wake up from anesthesia hell bent to pick up a syringe and pump it into the IV," Shafer said, reminding the jury that the procedure was complicated. "It's a crazy scenario."

Dr. Murray had told police that he was away from Michael for only two minutes, in which the defense claimed that Jackson could have grabbed a syringe and self-administered an additional dose of propofol.

Shafer's testimony ended with the doctor concluding that Murray was "a direct cause of Michael Jackson's death" even if Jackson administered a drug to himself because Murray "is responsible for every drop of propofol in that room."

Shafer is a leading expert on anesthesiology who teaches at Columbia University Medical School.

The trial will resume again on Friday afternoon. Stay tuned to Entertainment Tonight for updates in the Michael Jackson death trial of Conrad Murray.