Conrad Murray's Defense Strikes Back at Key Expert

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Conrad Murray's defense team got on the offensive today when cross-examining Dr. Steven Shafer regarding his testimony that the doctor was responsible for Michael Jackson's death.

According to the Associated Press, Murray's attorney Ed Chernoff challenged Shafer's claim that it was Murray's fault for Jackson's death. "That's a bold claim, isn't it," Chernoff asked. "It's an honest statement," Shafer said in response.

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Chernoff also disputed Shafer's IV demonstration for the jurors on Thursday, stating that the type of IV line he used in his demo was never found at Jackson's house. He also suggested that Shafer had drawn conclusions that weren't supported by the evidence.

In a separate development, key defense expert Dr. Paul White has a hearing set by Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor on Nov. 16 to determine whether or not he will be held in contempt for speaking with a reporter on Thursday in violation of a gag order. Coincidentally, White and Shafer are colleagues at Columbia University and have known each other for nearly 30 years.

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Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter and if convicted, could face up to four years in prison and lose his medical license. Keep checking back with ET for continuous coverage of the Michael Jackson death trial.