Conrad Murray on Trial: Will He Testify?

Conrad Murray on Trial: Will He Testify?

As day eighteen of the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial came to a close this afternoon, it seems the team's increasingly lackluster defense may be painting a grim future for Dr. Conrad Murray.

ET special legal correspondent Robin Sax was present in the courtroom as Murray's defense wrapped another day of witness testimony, and in her professional opinion, Murray's legal team may have to introduce the doctor himself if they harbor any hope of swaying the jury in their favor.

"We have yet to hear any sort of testimony that either pokes a hole in the prosecution's case or proves anything to show Dr. Murray deserves anything other than a guilty conviction," states Robin Sax.

"Either they're going to have the most amazing expert testimony from Dr. White or somehow piecing everything together, or perhaps Conrad Murray himself comes on the stand and charms the jury with his looks, his wit and his nice demeanor."

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