The Dog Reacts to Grandson's Alleged Beating


Duane "Dog" Chapman (a.k.a. Dog the Bounty Hunter) went on the record for the first time concerning his grandson's alleged beating in a candid interview with ET's Chris Jacobs.

A voice that appears to belong to the Dog's nine-year-old grandson, Travis Jr., can be heard on an audio tape, asking for mercy from someone who sounds like the child's father, Travis Sr., who allegedly struck the child excessively.

"I just started crying," Dog said, describing his reaction to hearing the tape. "And instantly I got mad ... I instantly thought, as any human would, 'I can't wait to get my hands around Big Travis' throat, even though I'd have to jump up to do it."

Travis Sr. stands six-feet, nine-inches tall.

Dog eventually chose the more rational approach, going through government channels to have his grandson taken away from Travis Sr., who has denied the abuse claims.

Watch the video for more of Chris Jacobs' one-on-one with the reality star, which can also be seen tonight on ET.