Kim Speaks Out: 'People Don't Know the Truth'


With sister Khloe by her side, Kim Kardashian faced her very first round of live media today since filing for divorce on Monday.

Kim addressed the split in an open letter posted to her blog on Tuesday in an effort to quell rumors, but took it a step further when she spoke out to the Australian press about what she calls the public's "misinformation" of her highly criticized divorce.

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When asked by a reporter as to why she decided to take to her blog in dealing with the gossip, she admits the bad press "got to" her emotionally. "When I landed I got all these emails about these different stories and I just think that's what hurts the most, it's just that people don't know the truth. They just make up what they want and run with it."

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Sister Khloe also received her share of questioning on the matter, and wasn't shy about defending her sibling. "I love her with everything," she said as Kim stood by stone-faced, taking in the support. "It's hard with, all eyes are on her and she can't be in peace and that's what I think is the saddest part."

It did appear that Kim was out of spirits at the event, which Khloe acknowledged, lamenting to the press that lately "her mood is so different… just so kind of somber."

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