Kris Jenner: Kim Owed Money for her Wedding


Kris Jenner sat down this morning with the Today show's Ann Curry to address the growing public backlash against the Kardashians, after Kim filed for divorce from husband Kris Humphries after just 72 days.

"Momager" Kris emphatically denied that the Kardashian clan made a reported $20 million off of Kim and Kris' lavish, televised wedding, instead claiming that Kim actually owed money for the over-the-top festivities.

"One of the rumors is that we sold the television rights for millions of dollars -- not true," Kris stressed. "We profited, or she profited, from the wedding -- absolutely false."

Kris did admit the couple made money from selling the wedding photos, but claims that all of it went to pay for the wedding.

"At the end of the day that money went towards the wedding, and Kim had to pay a great deal of money for the balance that was owed for the wedding, which she was delighted to do because that was her fairy-tale wedding."

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She also claims that some of the reported extravagances of the nuptials were greatly exaggerated in the media, particularly Kim's 2.5 carat Lorraine Schwartz wedding ring.

"I mean c'mon, it wasn't a two million ring," Kris said. "You write it down, you say it out loud, and suddenly it's a fact. It was less than half of that."

But who gets to keep the ring?

"Well it's none of my business to be honest with you, because it was a gift," Kris said, clearly getting testy.

Check out the video to hear Kris answer the tough questions, including what Kim plans to do with the wedding gifts.

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