Kim K. Vents About the Cost of Reality TV Fame


Kim and Khloe Kardashian visited the set of Australian morning show Sunrise at Brekky Central on Wednesday to promote their new line of handbags being sold exclusively in Oz, but their business promotion took a backseat to Kim's divorce bombshell.

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"I think what really upsets me most is that there has been, from the start, so many rumors of money ... that this cost this much and this much, and so much of it not being true," said Kim. "It's kind of what you get for living your life so publicly on a reality show. I get that. I get that the questions are going to be asked and the scrutiny's going to come and there'll be mixed emotions and so many rumors. That comes along with the territory."

Khloe, who wed Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom in 2009, chimed in to defend her sister against claims that her 72-day marriage was a sham.

"I got married in nine days, and it was crazy," said Khloe. "I got so much scrutiny. [People said that] I was marrying someone for money ... I totally understand how she feels."

Much of the gossip surrounding Kim and Kris Humphries' marriage stems from the widely-publicized wedding that became a TV event, drawing in huge ratings.

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Kim explained that her "tough decision" to film the wedding was a selfless act made to satisfy her fans, saying, "If I hadn't of filmed my wedding then that would have been upsetting to the viewer that's gone through this life journey with me."

But in the end Kim couldn't force herself to remain in a relationship that she felt was wrong for her, no matter who she might have disappointed.

"First and foremost, I have to follow my heart," Kim said.

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