Justin Bieber: 'I Never Met Mariah Yeater'

Getty Images

Justin Bieber was on the Today show this morning in support of his new Christmas CD, Under the Mistletoe, and talk quickly turned to the singer's baby mama drama.

"Set the record straight, none of it's true," Justin said of Mariah Yeater's accusations that he fathered her son after a concert in 2010. "Never met the woman."

"I know that I'm going to be a target, but I'm never gonna be a victim," he added.

Although Yeater has come under fire from fans since she launched the accusation, she could now face legal consequences since Yeater was 19 at the time of the alleged incident, while Bieber was only 16 -- and under California's statutory rape law, that is punishable with up to one year in prison.