Joe Frazier Has Died

Getty Images

Joe Frazier, the man who gave Muhammad Ali his first defeat in the boxing ring, has reportedly passed away. He was 67.

The former heavyweight champion's family reportedly confirmed to The Associated Press of Frazier's passing on Monday night.

On Sunday, news broke that Frazier was in a hospice, suffering from liver cancer.

Upon hearing about his former challenger's status, Muhammad Ali, 69, gave this statement to CBS on Sunday: "The news about Joe is hard to believe and even harder to accept. Joe is a fighter and a champion and I am praying he is fighting now."

"Smokin" Joe Frazier's passing also prompted an influx of tweets from celebrities.

ET's Chris Jacobs wrote, "RIP Joe Frazier. A great champion."

"R.I.P. the legend himself Mr. Joe Frazier," wrote Reggie Bush. "May God rest his soul."

"Joe Frazier, you were an icon and pioneer for people like me," tweeted Serena Williams. "Inspiring and loved, your presence will be missed."

"R.I.P. Joe Frazier," wrote Leann Rimes. "What an amazing fighter. So sad to lose such a talent and a legend. Blessings to his family."

"'Joe Frazier' Boxing Legend Forever," tweeted Usher. "What he did in this lifetime will last forever. He will live on though those who follow his greatness!!"