Ben Cohen: The New Face of Tolerance


Ben Cohen stands an imposing 6' 2" so you'd be hard pressed to imagine anyone attempting to intimidate him. Now, the former rugby sensation is now using his considerable heft, both globally and physically, to ensure everyone -- no matter their size, shape or orientation -- feels the same sense of freedom through the newly formed Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation.

His organization is the world's first foundation dedicated to raising awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of bullying. And since the LGBT community is often targeted, Ben's foundation gives them particular attention.

 He has now teamed up with Nike to produce a limited edition StandUp T Shirt and in support of the style, Ben is traveling the country, hitting up Nike stores to meet fans and spread his message of love and understanding.

During a recent stopover in Los Angeles, Ben visited the ETonline studios for an illuminating chat on the foundation's origins. During the conversation, Ben also explained why equality is an issue so close to his heart and how taking his shirt off factors into that.

Click play above to hear Ben's inspiring story straight from his mouth. To find out where you can catch Ben on his Nike tour, click here.