Ryan Seacrest Productions Hit with Lawsuit

Getty Images

Kathy Salem, a woman claiming to have been "blind sided" during a taping of a Ryan Seacrest produced reality show, is now suing Ryan Secrest Productions for the "humiliation" she suffered.

In court documents obtained by ET, Salem claims that she unknowingly signed the signature page of a release to appear on a reality show called Shahs of Sunset before entering a party in Los Angeles. The papers allege that Salem was not shown the whole release before signing the papers. The documents go on to allege that while inside the party, Salem was approached by a gentleman who struck up a conversation with her.

The papers then claim that Salem was approached by a woman claiming to be the man's fiance. According to the documents, Salem was then subjected to verbal abuse and even had a cup of water thrown in her face.

"Plaintiff had unwittingly been cast as a "bad girl" and the result was her being publicly humiliated and assaulted for the benefit of Defendants and their production the Shahs of Sunset," the documents state.

The suit seeks at least $100,000 in damages from Ryan Seacrest Productions and Bravo.