Witness Threatened After Natalie Wood's Death


Marilyn Wayne, a witness in Natalie Wood's drowning death, revealed to ET's Samantha Harris what she heard the night Natalie died as well as why she's stayed quiet until now.

On the night in question, November 28, 1981, Marilyn was a guest on an adjacent yacht, roughly 90 feet from Wood's. Marilyn recalled being roused out of bed at around 11 p.m. by screams coming from a female voice that she later believed to be movie star Natalie Wood.

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"Help me! Somebody help me -- I'm drowning!" Marilyn said she heard the female voice scream repeatedly.

"There was no way to help unless I were to jump in and swim around blindly, which was not an option given the temperature of the water," Marilyn said. "I probably would've frozen to death."

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Authorities never questioned Marilyn while conducting the original investigation, but Marilyn confessed that she didn't confront the authorities either. She explained why, saying, "Frankly I was afraid to ... I received a note in my mailbox when I was at Shearson, three days after the tragedy, and it indicated that I should not say anything."

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Watch the video for more. You can see Marilyn's entire interview with Samantha on tonight's ET.