Angelina Jolie: I'm Still A Bad Girl

Getty Images

Angelina Jolie has raised six children, won an Oscar and improved the lives of countless third world country citizens. Accomplishments she's constantly marveled by since Jolie freely admits it's amazing she lived this long.

"I went through heavier, darker times and I survived them," she says in a new 60 Minutes profile. "I didn't die young. I am very lucky. There are other artists and people that didn't survive certain things ... I did the most dangerous, and I did the worst. For many reasons, I shouldn't be here."

And while she has calmed down immensely, Jolie says, "I'm still a bad girl. I still have that side of me ... it's just in its place now. It belongs to Brad. Or our adventures."

Click here to watch an excerpt from her new 60 Minutes interview, that airs Sunday at 7 p.m. on CBS.