Kris Humphries Speaks Out for the First Time


Kris Humphries appeared on Good Morning America this morning, his first television interview since his marriage to Kim Kardashian ended after just 72 days.

Humphries remained calm and collected throughout the interview, and reiterated that despite the media frenzy, his main focus is his career and his family.

"It's been different but through everything I'm just focused on family and preparing for basketball," he said when asked about what the very public experience has been like for him. "Basketball's always been something I've taken really serious and I continue to do that and you know, just moving forward."

As for his reaction to Kim filing for divorce after just 72 days, Humphries continually stressed that he is trying to "move forward."

"For me, it's just certain things happen in life and you have to move forward. So I'm excited to be where I'm at right now with the NBA season coming up, and you know, I'm ready to go."

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And does he feel that putting his relationship on camera doomed their relationship from the start?

"I can't say for sure or not for sure," he said diplomatically. "It's the only time I've been married so ... For me it's all about moving forward. Life is more about how you can help other people and making the most out of your platform, so that's what I'm really focused on."

Most surprisingly, Humphries inferred that he's not concerned about watching the demise of his marriage play out on this season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York -- or his reputation subsequently taking a hit -- since he doesn't even watch the show.

"I've never been someone to really watch the show on TV or anything like that," he said. "If people know me and they know who I am and what I stand for, I think they know that I love to give back and I'm a fun guy and I don't really play into all the gossip and things that take place. But you know, that's life."

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But through it all, does Humphries still love Kim?

"I'm just focused on just what I can control, which is being ready to play ball and supporting my mom and her cookie bake today," he said.