Lindsay in Court: So Far, So Good

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Despite a flight delay in Hawaii that caused her to miss her guest spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to hawk her new Playboy layout, Lindsay Lohan managed to make it to court today on time to attend a probation update hearing.

The judge declared that Lindsay has been successful in meeting her community service and counseling session goals so far. Addressing the star's Hawaiian vacation, the judge reminded Lindsay that where vacations are concerned, she cannot leave the state, except for work, until she completes her community service requirements each month -- 12 days of community service -- alongside four therapy sessions.

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The embattled star has been reporting regularly for work at the L.A. County morgue as part of the terms of her probation, and she is required to report to the judge on her progress on a monthly basis. Her probation stems from a 2007 DUI case and subsequent misdemeanor grand theft case involving a $2,500 necklace taken without permission from a Venice, CA boutique.

Last month, Lindsay's disregard for the rules -- getting ejected from a community service assignment at a women's shelter and missing court-ordered therapy sessions -- landed her a 30-day sentence in jail, but she served less than five actual hours in the clink, according to the Associated Press.

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Lindsay's highly anticipated Playboy cover and spread will hit newsstands sooner than expected after the photos were leaked on the Internet.

Lindsay will return to court for another probation update hearing January 17.