Heavy D's Autopsy Results Revealed

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The Los Angeles County Coroner has concluded that rapper Heavy D died from a blood clot in his lung after taking a long overseas flight.

Autopsy results on the 44-year-old rapper -- who died in the hospital on November 8 after collapsing at his Beverly Hills home -- were announced Tuesday. The coroner's report said Heavy D, whose real name is Dwight Arrington Myers, died from a pulmonary embolism, as well as deep leg vein thrombosis and heart disease.

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The blood clot was "most likely formed during an extended airplane ride," Craig Harvey, chief of the L.A. County Coroner Department, said. The rapper had recently returned from a trip to London before his death.

Heavy D -- known for his large physical stature and classic hits like Is It Good to You and Nuttin' But Love -- was considered one of the first crossover hip-hop artists to enjoy major success.