Just Married/Annulled: Brandi Glanville!

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Just Married/Annulled: Brandi Glanville!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville seems to have taken a cue from Sinead O'Connor with a quickie, short-lived Vegas wedding over the weekend.

According to her Twitter feed, the former wife of Eddie Cibrian tied the knot with her "best friend," mixed martial arts manager Darin Harvey, tweeting, "I'm married again - suuuuuuck it!" and "It wasn't planned and we will handle it, but good times!" along with photos of the couple smooching in front of the wedding chapel.

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The couple then celebrated their union with class at the Spearmint Rhino strip club, with Glanville tweeting, "Me and my hubby are off to spearment rhino,!! #honeymoonwithstrippersthebest."

But the following day, reality seemed to hit the reality star, and in response to criticism she said that it was all in fun and the couple may annul the marriage: "I didnt mean to offend anyone! I beleive everyone shud be able to get married & maybe even embarass themselves in Vegas ;). This yr has been … Great for me in many ways! Im gr8ful for all the ppl I met thru RHOBV. Bare w/ me, Im gonna make mistakes, but I always learn from them! Xob"

Harvey confirmed the short-lived "union" with the tweet, "Everyone chill @BrandiGlanville and I were a bit ffffed in Vegas wanted to do something crazy so we did. Getting annulled still bff's."