Brad Pitt on His Knee Injury


Brad Pitt was spotted walking with a cane earlier this week in Los Angeles and at tonight's Palm Springs International Film Festival's Annual Awards Gala -- where he walked the red carpet with Angelina Jolie and the support of a cane -- he revealed the source of the injury.

The actor told ET's Chris Jacobs that he wiped out on a ski slope while carrying one of his daughters. He twisted his knee and suffered some MCL damage in the process.

"It was me or her, and she's fine," said Brad, describing the incident.

Brad, who is being honored at the festival for his work in Moneyball and Tree of Life, expressed his gratitude for his collaborators during his acceptance speech.

"This is especially sweet because both of these films were arduous labors of love," said Brad. "And if it wasn't for the dedication of a few brave souls they could've easily fallen into that black hole of great projects that never were."

Watch the video for more as Brad and Angelina meet some of their biggest fans.