Brittany Murphy's Dad Sues L.A. County Coroner

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Brittany Murphy's father, Angelo Bertolotti, has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office after being dissatisfied by the handling of his daughter's death investigation, according to court papers obtained by ET.

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In the documents, Bertolotti states that he disagrees with the findings in the autopsy report, writing that the "testing/toxicology was incomplete and the death of Brittany Anne Murphy Monjak was never fully investigated."

The autopsy reportedly attributed Murphy's death to community-acquired pneumonia and iron deficiency anemia.

In the lawsuit, Bertolotti requests that a judge release his daughter's hair samples so that he might investigate further.

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Murphy died on December 19, 2009, five months prior to the death of her husband, Simon, who also reportedly passed from pneumonia and anemia.