Madonna on Why She Dates Younger Men

ABC News

Madonna on Why She Dates Younger Men

In a new and remarkably candid interview with ABC News, Madonna opens up about dating a man less than half her age and reveals there are "certain things" she misses about marriage.

Speaking exclusively to ABC's Cynthia McFadden, the 53-year-old pop icon addresses why she's dated much younger men since her highly-publicized divorce from British director Guy Richie, 43.

"I didn't choose to, you know, I didn't, like, write down on a piece of paper -- I'm now going to have a relationship with a younger man," said Madonna, who is currently dating 24-year-old French dancer Brahim Zaibat. "That's just what happened. You see, that's the romantic in me. I just met someone that I cared for, and this happened to be his age."

When asked what she found appealing about younger men, Madonna tried to shut down the line of questioning by saying she didn't "feel comfortable" with it. She did say that she values a partner in life and misses "certain things" married, such as "being a part of a family unit" and "not having to make all the decisions on my own."

The Material Girl also tells McFadden that in her current relationship with Zaibat, she is actually the low-maintenance "easy" one. "I go home and I wash my face and I put on my sweatpants and I lay down on the bed and I say, 'oh, please rub my feet,' and you know, he says, 'no, you rub my feet. So, you know, behind the curtain, I'm just like everybody else."

Madonna's exclusive interview -- in which she also discusses her new album and upcoming Super Bowl appearance -- will be airing on ABC's Nightline (Thursday at 11:35 p.m.), Good Morning America (Friday at 7:00 – 9:00 a.m.) and 20/20 (Friday at 10:00 p.m.)