Ricky Gervais: Why I'm Hosting the Globes Again


After his controversial stint as last year's Golden Globes host, Ricky Gervais is letting viewers know what to expect from him this year as Globes host.

Gervais sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, where he addressed why he chose to host the Globes after claiming he wouldn't do it again.

"I was very flattered," Gervais admits. "It was a huge global audience for a comedian. I like writing jokes. That's what I do… I wasn't going to do it again but there were loads of people in the press saying I'd never be invited back and that's why I said 'yes.'"

The 50-year-old British comedian was under fire last year after he made bitter jokes that offended many stars in attendance at the Globes.

Despite his harsh jokes, Gervais admits that he was surprised at the media's uproar in response to his Globes' hosting.

"You usually have to kill someone to get that many columnists," Gervais said. "They were still talking about it so I was shocked at the reaction."

As to whether or not Gervais felt any remorse for last year's comments, The Office co-creator states that it was just part of his comedy routine.

"People say, 'Is there anything you shouldn't joke about?' I don't think there is," Gervais reveals. "Comedy comes from either a good or a bad place and I was just teasing them, ya know? It wasn't a room full of wounded soldiers. These are the richest, most privileged people in the world."

Tune in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Thursday (Jan.12) for Ellen's full interview with Ricky Gervais.