Source: Locklear 'Out of Control' on Drugs, Booze

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Heather Locklear was doing drugs and alcohol and was "out of control" when her sister called 911 on Thursday, according to a source. A rep for Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center has confirmed with ET that Heather Locklear was released at about 5 p.m. PST in the care of her family. The actress was reportedly in good spirits and will be under follow up care with her own physicians.

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"Heather became a different person on drugs," the source says, noting that there is talk of Heather going directly from the hospital to rehab. According to the source, Heather has been in and out of rehab for years.

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The source tells ET that Heather was "having a hard time" with her on-again, off-again relationship with Jack Wagner, and that although they had called off their engagement, they had gotten back together, but had recently broken up again. The source reports that a major issue in her relationship with Wagner is that he is sober and she is not.

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The source says that Heather's daughter Ava with ex Richie Sambora is with her father and the plan is for her to be with him until Heather has gotten her life together. A source close to Richie tells ET that he and Ava are trying to go about a normal life and that Ava is surrounded by people who love her. Both Ava and Richie love Heather and want the best for her, the source says, adding that Richie supports Heather and she knows that. Richie is currently in the studio working on an album.