Dog Walker Did Not Take Picture with Severed Head


Earlier today false internet reports surfaced claiming that a lady posed for a smiling photo with a severed head in the Hollywood Hills, and now ET is setting the record straight.

The woman in question, Lauren Kornberg of LA Pet Care, reveals to ET that the rumors are categorically false and that she never posed for any pictures with the severed head.

Kornberg continued saying that the only way her picture could have been taken at the crime scene is if another hiker took a snapshot of her without her knowledge. In any event, Kornberg emphatically denies any claims that she might benefit from the tragedy in any way.

Kornberg discovered the severed head on Tuesday during a trek through a hiking trail, sparking one of the largest searches in the Los Angeles Police Department's history.

According to CBS 2's Suraya Fadel, police are questioning an unamed person in connection with the homicide case.