Seal Hints at Reunion with Heidi Klum


After news of Heidi Klum's split from husband Seal, the singer, who's still wearing his wedding ring, hasn't given up on hopes of reconciliation.

Seal: News of Split was 'Leaked'

"You can never say never," Seal said in response to one of Piers Morgan's questions while on the CNN show. "Obviously I can't speak on behalf of my wife."

Seal 'Grieving' Over Separation from Heidi Klum

And while Seal admitted that their relationship wasn't flawless by any means, he feels one of their strengths lie in their ability to act as a team and talk them out.

Seal & Heidi Klum Going Separate Ways

Click the video to hear Seal's perspective on the split. Piers Morgan Tonight airs weeknights on CNN.