Mario Batali on Mastering Portion Control


Mario Batali -- who is world famous for serving up creative Italian recipes served at his many specialty eateries -- reveals to ET his own tips for healthier eating.

Mario explains that the most important thing to keep in mind when preparing food and eating out is to maintain a balance. "There are things that are delicious that you can splurge on. There are things that are delicious that aren't a splurge at all. And then there are some things that you know aren't that good for you, but you do it every now and then because there's some kind of emotional attachment or there's some kind of historical perspective or some kind of celebration."

ET caught up with the celebrity chef at a signing event in Los Angeles for his latest book Molto Batali, which focuses on ways to prepare simple family meals.

Watch the video to also hear Mario describe his workout regimen and to get his thoughts on the ultimate romantic dinner for Valentine's Day.