E-Trade Talking Baby's 5th Super Bowl Anniversary


Who doesn’t love those E-Trade babies!? In 2008, the E-Trade baby made his Super Bowl debut and now it’s the fifth anniversary of the beloved talking baby segment! Take a walk through memory lane and watch clips from your favorite E-Trade Super Bowl commercials.

It’s not just any baby that gets to talk to millions each Super Bowl Sunday – there is a lengthy audition process. Every year new babies are cast for the Super Bowl spots. The ad agency auditions over a hundred babies between nine and 12 months, who are developing quickly. In the video, E-Trade's Chief Marketing Officer Nick Utton explains how the company chooses each year’s cast, "We whittled it down from hundreds down to 50 down to 20. And then basically looked at all the reels and then made a decision on which is the best most animated, most personality driven baby that could be used."

As for how they make all this talking baby movie magic? The wildly popular ads are made with a single baby and green screen, and then Comedy Central star’s Pete Holmes voice is added to it.

Take a look at clips from the past four E-Trade Super Bowl commercials and other funny outtakes that never made broadcast. And tune into game day this Sunday Feb. 5th for E-Trade’s newest talking baby ad!