Leonardo Takes His Coffee Green

Getty Images

How would you like to have a cup a Joe, send kudos to Leonardo DiCaprio, and save the world all at the same time?

Well starting this month you can do just that, by purchasing specially marked bags of La Colombe Torrefaction coffee.

The acclaimed coffee roaster has recently partnered with The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation by donating 100 percent net-profit of a new, ultra high-end coffee line, Lyon. With DiCaprio's support to ensure a sustainable future for the planet, along with La Colombe Torrefaction earth conscious methods to producing their product, the partnership is a match made in green heaven.

Todd Carmichael, CEO of La Colombre says, "[We] employ over 100 million people worldwide ... and the impact we are having in Haiti alone has changed the lives of thousands of farmers."

So now you can really start your mornings on the good foot! Lyon will be available for purchase online or at William-Sonoma and select Whole Foods.