Oprah's Ceremonial Garb Explained

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An oddly attired Oprah Winfrey was photographed over the weekend outside her home in Maui.

Rocking a crown of Hawaiian leaves and a native print sarong, Oprah was surrounded by onlookers (including Maria Shriver) at what appeared to be some sort of ancient ritual. ET caught up with Lady O's BFF, Gayle King, and here's what she had to say.

Oprah Fire Walks!

"That was the land blessing ceremony," she tells Entertainment Tonight. Although, Gayle too was taken aback by her best friends' attire. "I saw the pictures and I thought, 'That is a very interesting look.'" She adds that the gathering was actual a belated birthday celebration for the TV titan, who turned 58 last week. "She is spending the week in Hawaii. An all-girls week. They are having a blast, having a ball."

The Evolution of Oprah's Style

To find out exactly what this land blessing ceremony entails, ET spoke with Kordell Kekoa, who is a Kahu -- which is a Hawaiian minister or caretaker of traditions. He tells us, "When we do a blessing, it is really about not just getting rid of bad but it is bringing in more good, keeping the good things of life with us." The ritual involves a blend of Christian and Hawaiian traditions and uses tea leaves, pure water and Hawaiian salt. This blessing has been bestowed upon the sets of Hawaii 5-0 and The Descendants.

"As Oprah is so good about giving good to people, with our Hawaiian blessing, we want to give some of that good back to her, to enjoy her home her in home in Hawaii," Kekoa says.