Katy Perry Kisses a Boy at Pre-Super Bowl Concert


What does it take to get a kiss from Katy Perry? Apparently, just a little self-assurance.

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At Mark Cuban's DIRECTV Super Saturday Night party, the singer was impressed by one fan's courage after she pulled him up on stage. So much so that she gave him a gift he'll never forget.

"I want to give you a present because you were so nice. You took your t-shirt off for me," said Katy, who went on to remark on the young man's confidence. "You're a little bit nervous but not as nervous as you should be."

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As a reward, Katy snuck in a kiss when the fan wasn't looking, sending the crowd into frenzy.

The pre-Super Bowl concert marked Katy's first U.S. performance since splitting from Russell Brand.

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