Watch: The Model With a 20 Inch Waist


If there wasn't video footage to prove she's real, people would assume that this model's super tiny waist was a photoshop creation.

The video went viral of 30-year-old Romanian model Ioana Spangenberg posing and walking toward and away from the camera while showing off her jaw-dropping 20-inch waist while wearing a tight-fitting shiny silver dress.

Spangenberg -- who reportedly stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 84 pounds -- told Britain's Sun tabloid that she struggled to cope with her extreme figure beginning as a teenager, when her waist measured just 15 inches.

The model insists that she eats "three big meals" a day and has not resorted to strict dieting to keep her ultra-slim midsection, which is usually achieved by wearing a corset.