Taylor Armstrong Reveals New Abuse Details


Nearly six months after her husband Russell committed suicide by hanging himself, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong is revealing new details about her troubled marriage.

Taylor tells ET's Nancy O'Dell in a new interview that Russell's abuse included psychological ridicule and one of his main criticisms was that she was too thin. At one point, she said her husband told her that "having sex with you is like having sex with a skeleton." She adds that while the comments were demeaning, she would have sex anyway because getting into a fight that could turn physical wasn't worth it.

Taylor revealed that Russell was also consumed with jealousy that he once forced her to take a polygraph test because he falsely believed she had a sexual past with an unnamed NBA star. She said she didn't realize how unusual the demand was until she sat down for the polygraph test. "Afterward, I felt filthy, like I needed a shower, filthy. Like disgusted, and heartbroken and sad. I felt worthless."

The reality star -- whose new book Hiding From Reality is due out tomorrow -- also speaks about how Russell was obsessed with having a girl and confesses that she even considered having an abortion if she had gotten pregnant with a boy. "I may have made that decision in that moment in order to keep him -- if I thought I was going to lose him. I don't like saying it, but it's true."

Taylor also described how she had to sneak around while breast feeding her daughter Kennedy because Russell was strictly opposed to it. "Well again, his point seemed to make some sense to me at the time. Russell could have told me anything and I just wanted to make him happy. But his point was that he didn't feel like he could be physically attracted to me, to my breasts, if they were also a tool to feed our child."

Watch the video for more revelations from Taylor's book and to learn why she once asked Russell to start smoking marijuana with her.