Leonard Maltin Does Lunch with Oscar Nominees


Once again ET's Leonard Maltin was the only TV journalist allowed inside the 84th Annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon, and we have footage from the lavish event.

The 84th Oscar Nominations Are Out!

George Clooney pointed out that this event is one of the rare times when Hollywood's hardest working stars have time to hang out under one roof. He also revealed how one would go about getting under the roof of his 22-room Italian villa.

The Oscar winner opened up his home to Viola Davis for her honeymoon with husband Julius Tennon.

"We go back a ways," said George, who appeared in Out of Sight with Viola. "We have to work together a lot [to get an invite]."

Viola, who wed in 2003, remembered the gesture as the "greatest gift anyone could've given us."

Leonard was lucky enough to sit next to Jonah Hill during the luncheon, but Jonah, who is up for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Moneyball, acknowledged that it may have required just as much good fortune for him to get nominated.

Brad Pitt Swings for the Fences in Moneyball

"I just saw [Moneyball] as being undervalued and being overlooked for not being the obvious choice for something, and that's exactly a good metaphor of what I'm doing standing here right now," Jonah joked.

Watch the video for more. The Oscars air February 26 on ABC.