The NY Giants Defend Gisele


Jay-Z's Monday night concert at NYC's legendary Carnegie Hall benefiting United Way of NYC and the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation brought out a star-studded crowd, including wife Beyonce, Peter Sarsgaard, Nick Cannon, Josh Groban, and a couple of New York Giants fresh off of their Super Bowl win.

The talk quickly turned to Gisele's controversial comments post-game, where she colorfully defended her quarterback husband Tom Brady.

Gisele's Super Bowl Potty Mouth

It turns out the Brazilian supermodel has some unlikely supporters in the form of Giants players Victor Cruz and Christopher Snee.

"It's cool, she's defending her husband and I understand that. I wouldn't want it any other way," Cruz told ET. "I think she's the only one who vocalized it [what New England fans were thinking], that's why she's probably getting the most grief about it."

Gisele Seeks Super Bowl Prayers for 'Tommy'

"You know, sometimes things are said," Snee added. "Obviously it's a very disappointing loss for them and obviously she was upset for her husband, so ..."

Though the Giants guard did comment on his own wife's restraint.
"She does defend me when we lose, but in the privacy of our home," he said.

Check out the video to hear what Nick Cannon thinks his wife Mariah Carey would do in the same situation.