Jim Carrey on His Daughter's 'Idol' Elimination

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Jim Carrey's daughter, Jane Carrey, was cut from American Idol during Hollywood Week on tonight's episode. Now, the singer's famous father weighs in on the situation in a statement to ET. "I'm very proud of Jane," Jim says. "I believe in her talent as a singer and songwriter. Difficult moments are a necessary step along the path to success."

Jim Carrey's Daughter Jane Auditions for Idol

The 24-year-old auditioned for the competition in San Diego, wowing judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez (who co-starred with Jim on In Living Color) and Steven Tyler.

"The last name definitely helps and hurts," Jane revealed during her audition. "I feel like there's this pressure to maybe be better because if I make it somewhere, I run the risk of people saying, 'Oh, you only got there because of this.'"

Sneak Peek of American Idol Special Broadcast

Show producer Nygel Lythgoe also commented on the elimination, tweeting, "So it's goodbye to Jane. She really was a good spirit. I just love that baby."

Jim's ex, Jenny McCarthy also chimed in, tweeting, "Sad Jane Carrey got eliminated from American Idol. She was nervous. She is one of the most amazing singers! Hope she tries again next year!"

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