Marc Anthony's 'Communication' Issues With J.Lo


While many still question how Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez could amicably (and realistically) work together on their passion project Q'Viva! following their highly-publicized split, Marc tells Entertainment Tonight that certain factors leading to the downfall of their marriage may just have become a blessing of sorts for their new show.

JLo & Marc Anthony Reunite in New Interview

As Sonny and Cher were able to maintain an enviable working relationship post-divorce, it seems Marc and Jennifer have adopted the famous duo's manner of putdown banter that comes off quite well, and is surprisingly affable. In the show, which premiered January 28, the two seem to have harbored no ill will towards each other, embracing disagreements as playful fun.

"We don't have communication issues, we just don't communicate. When you don't do it you don't have a problem," Marc joked to ET's Nancy O'Dell. "The way it played out was really gratifying and really fulfilling. Now we're figuring out how this plays in."

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are Ending Their Marriage

When asked about Jennifer's own comparisons to Marc on the set of Q'Viva! as a Sonny to her Cher, Anthony took a moment and concurred wholeheartedly.

"I'd have to agree," said Marc. "The fact that we're still working together and enjoy it... [It's] our shtick…From the second we met, we just goof off and bust each other's chops and this was just a continuation of that. She's unbelievably professional and capable."

JLo & Marc Anthony Together Again?

Q'Viva! introduces a new genre of TV -- the docu-journey -- as J.Lo and Marc are tasked with finding the most talented entertainers in Latin America. The former couple traveled throughout the region in hopes of creating the most spectacular Latin American live show that the world has ever seen.

Q'Viva! airs Saturdays on Univision.