Super Bowl Choreographer on Directing Madonna


ET's Nancy O'Dell sits down with one of the world's hottest choreographers, Jamie King, to talk about directing Madonna's performance at the Super Bowl and his involvement with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez on their show Q' Viva!.

"I'm still recovering I think -- I haven't quiet landed from that experience," Jamie said of the spectacular Super Bowl Halftime Show that was his brainchild. "Certainly doing the Super Bowl was kind of huge in itself. I mean it's the most kind of viewed show, with the pressure to set up a stage in eight minutes."

Jamie confessed to having last-minute jitters before Madonna's highly-publicized performance and said that the pop icon was also nervous before the show. "I mean we all were," Jamie said. "It's a big event and we know how watched it is and the pressure was certainly on because there hadn't been a female who had done it, performed it, since Janet Jackson."

The show director -- who is currently partnering with Marc and J.Lo on their Latin America talent search show Q' Viva!: The Chosen on Univision -- also recalls his "choreography" of the famous three-way kiss between Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003.

Watch the video to also see a performance from some of the top talent Marc discovered on Q' Viva!.