Doc Speculates on Culkin's Gaunt Appearance


ET sat down with Dr. Eric Braverman, author of Younger Brain, Sharper Mind, to discuss the shocking photos that have recently appeared on the internet of 31-year-old child star Macaulay Culkin.

More Shocking Photos of Macaulay Culkin

"This looks like a very old person at 31, who looks like he hasn’t slept, looks like may not be eating well. [He] looks like he lost a muscle mass, and collagen in his face, so his face looks older. [He] doesn’t have the sharp look of the eyes. We wonder how he is learning. Maybe he used too many drugs or marijuana or alcohol to keep his stability, and doesn’t have the kind of vibrant energy you like to see a 31-year-old person have."

Macaulay Culkin's Snapped in New York Looking Gaunt

In the interview, the family practice doctor goes through the four principles of aging: appearance, energy, thinking and stability. Braverman states that Culkin has signs of all four principles.

Braverman also surmises that the Home Alone star has lost 10 to 20 pounds of muscle, which he says ages you more. He also adds, that if Culkin was a patient of his he would have the actor undergo a variety of tests to discover what was wrong with him.

"Anybody who loves this person should be asking, 'how do you get him back to health?'"

He also says that the weight loss and change in appearance could be from cancer, drug addiction, insomnia or recovery from accident. See the rest of Braverman’s exclusive interview for more on his thoughts on Culkin’s gaunt appearance.