'NCIS' Star to Use Stunt Double for Wife's Labor?


During ET's recent interview with NCIS' s Michael Weatherly to talk about the show and his wife's pregnancy, Weatherly revealed how NCIS has managed to uphold its popularity over the years.

Michael Weatherly Dishes on Directing 'NCIS'

"I think it's time that everyone knows—it's extortion," Weatherly joked. "There's been blackmail. We can't say who we have but we have someone very important to the Nielsen family."

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Weatherly, who was in quite the comical mood, also discussed his hypothetical strategy for avoiding the graphic nature of his wife's upcoming delivery of their first child together.

Michael Weatherly to be a Dad Again!

"I have a very good [stunt] double at NCIS," Weatherly schemed. "I hear that [a] woman's vision gets a little suspect when the birthing process begins," jokingly inferring that he would swap in his stunt double while his wife was in labor.

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Check out Weatherly's mini comedy routine as well as his connection to Nicki Minaj in the full video clip above.