Ted Danson on 'Hitting Adolescence' in His Forties

Emmy Magazine

Ted Danson graces the cover of the upcoming EMMY Magazine, and in it he reveals the downward spiral he faced following the cancellation of Cheers.

"I got over the end of Cheers by having my life in such terrible shambles that the ending of an eleven-year show barely registered on my emotional landscape," Danson says. "It was not the most graceful time in my life. I had tons of embarrassments, and I definitely had periods that I was lacking grace, and I certainly went through adolescence late -- and I was in my forties when I hit my raging adolescence."

The Golden Globe winner has rebounded from his turbulent 90s, recently landing a role on CSI. The actor, known for his comedic chops, admitted that even though he "had no real desire to watch crime shows," he is "thrilled that [he's] on one."

First Look: Ted Danson Joins CSI

He was also thrilled to talk about the love of his life, Mary Steenburgen, who he's been married to for 16 years.

"I am married to one world-class beauty, an Academy Award-winning actress, an amazing mother," Danson gushed. "We have four of the most amazing children and three dogs, and life is really, really, really good. We've had many bumps, but boy do we laugh, boy do we pinch ourselves and say thank you every day. We celebrate finding each other, we celebrate being together, we celebrate that we're as old as we are and we're still working."

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