Monaco Prince Hospitalized After NYC Bar Brawl

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Monaco Prince Hospitalized After NYC Bar Brawl

Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco was reportedly hospitalized in New York over the weekend, after a bar brawl in New York City's Meatpacking District.

The New York Post reports that the prince (the 24-year-old son of Princess Caroline of Monaco) and his friends, one of whom was Paris Hilton's ex Stavros Niarcho III, got into a violent confrontation on Saturday with Adam Hock, a former Manhattan club owner and his companions, some of whom included supermodels, at the Double Seven club.

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The Post reports that Hock cold-cocked Casiraghi, causing him to fly "across the room, [landing] on a table on the other side," according to a witness.

A witness told the Post that the prince "looked like he needed plastic surgery" after the fight, "with deep cuts and blood everywhere" on his "broken face." The prince was taken to a New York City hospital where he was released later that day.

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Both sides tell the Post conflicting reports -- the prince's people say the altercation was an attack that was unprovoked, while Hock's group tells a different story -- that Casiraghi and crew approached Hock's table and instigated the drama, by being "obnoxious" and allegedly swigging out of Hock's group's $500 bottle of vodka.

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Hock was arrested on four counts of third degree assault, reports the Post, while Casiraghi and company were not arrested.