What Killed Whitney? 'The Doctors' Weigh In

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While many continue to speculate as to the cause of Whitney Houston's tragic passing, autopsy results have yet to be released. In lieu of Houston's toxicology findings, the professionals of The Doctors enlisted the help of UCLA Medical center Pathologist Dr. Michael Fishbein to shed some light on what may have killed Whitney.

Whitney Houston Laid to Rest

Although Houston has admitted to a past of drug and alcohol use, Dr. Fishbein warns not to conclude that her battle with illicit substances had anything to do with her passing.

"In this case everyone is assuming that Whitney Houston died of a drug overdose. I think, frankly, it's premature and perhaps unprofessional," he explains.

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"The first step is a review of the medical history, not only to see if there is a history of drug abuse but does the person have any underlying disease that can cause sudden death," says Dr. Fishbein. "Then we do a complete external examination to rule out trauma or foul play, then open the body and systematically examine all the organs. We would also look in the stomach for partially digested pills to see if any prescriptions had been taken."

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