Jordin Sparks Breaks Her Silence on Whitney


It's been nearly two weeks since the tragic passing of Whitney Houston, an event still fresh on the hearts and minds of those in attendance at the 5th Annual Essence luncheon Thursday afternoon.

Whitney Houston Funeral Photos 

Jordin Sparks, who starred with Whitney in her final film Sparkle, sang a tribute to the late singer at the luncheon, performing Look into Your Heart from the film's original soundtrack. Up until now, Sparks has been mum on the singer's passing, but she broke her silence on the subject today telling ET's Chris Jacobs that she's been taking the tragic loss of her co-star and friend the only way she knows how; one day at a time.

"It comes in waves," explained Jordin. "I'm definitely trying to process it a little bit."

Sparks attended Whitney's home going ceremony last Saturday in Newark, New Jersey, alongside Houston's closest friends, family. She called the ceremony "beautiful," adding her gratitude for the opportunity to spend time with Whitney.

"I'm really glad I got to work with her. It was a gift that I got to know her. "

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Octavia Spencer, Kerry Washington, Paula Patton and Shonda Rhimes were all honored in the Essence luncheon, recalling their fondest memories of the legend in the video above.

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